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Thank you so much for considering supporting Okanagan Bible College as we begin to forge forward in this new model of education. How many people are right now wishing that they could find the funds or time or capacity to deepen their studies and step into their calling? There are youth pastors, worship pastors, ministers of the gospel that are serving in ministry right now and praying for an opportunity to take their service to the next level. We believe the number is significant and due to growing tuition and cost of living the number keeps growing to a staggering degree.

Your support will be a key part of the growth and health of this model offering a very high level of education at a price that is affordable to virtually anyone. We feel that the cost and accessibility of traditional Theological training has escalated to a point that it is prohibitive for far too many people. It is our mandate to provide a new model of delivery of quality theological education that is truly affordable and accessible in partnership with the local church.

Theological Education is a critical part of raising up the next generation of leaders. Biblical Training for anyone who wants it is our highest objective. We believe that Okanagan Bible College is positioned at a key moment to stand in this gap and provide the resources that are critical to the health of the church at large.

Thank you in advance for your support in this very important time. We hope every student that has a desire to pursue deeper theological education would not be blocked by cost or accessibility would have this opportunity to step into their calling.

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