The purpose of Okanagan Bible College and the Canadian Graduate School of Ministry is to prepare men and women for faithful ministry in Church and society. Committed to a learned ministry for church and society, the schools welcome qualified students without regard to denomination, race, sex, or physical disabilities. The schools seeks to strengthen and deepen the spiritual life of students, and through classroom and other academic activities, to engage them in critical discussions about the Bible and theology with probing questions regarding faith and life in today's world. We believe in the conviction that God has acted redemptively in human history. Since its founding, the school has attracted students from across Canada and beyond. Our Alumni serve the Lord with gladness in churches, missions and as lay leaders.

Okanagan Bible College was founded in 1974 by three men and a vision from the Lord. Dr. R. Wesley Affleck, Dr. John R Dyck and Dr. Lawrence Wilkes started the school in what was the Faith Gospel Church in Kelowna, BC. Later the School under the President Dr. Lawrence Wilkes, moved to Green Bay Baptist Camp, then in 1985 to the former Dr. Knox High School in Kelowna. Dr. Wilkes resigned and left OBC in 1986 to move to California. The school returned to Green Bay Bible Camp around 1990 remaining there until its closure in 1995.

In 2008 Dr. Lawrence Wilkes, residing in Anaheim, California began to investigate the status of the school and was able to reactivate the degree granting charter granted to the school in 1983. The Okanagan Bible College Act gave authority to the school to grant all theological and honorary theological degrees. Under the new Board of Governors the school is offering church based education through local pastoral mentorship. Course lectures are delivered by highly qualified professors in conjunction with BiblicalTraining.org with satellite campuses across North America and internationally.

Canadian Graduate School of Ministry

In 2008, Okanagan Bible College added the name Canadian Graduate School of Ministry as its graduate division in keeping with the level of its training for Christian workers by way of a partnership program with Crest Leadership Centres.

The graduates of Okanagan Bible College and Canadian Graduate School of Ministry are filling important places of ministry as professors, pastors, missionaries, administrators, and directors of Christian Education and Youth Departments. All graduates of the school are members of the Alumni Association.